Leadership and Ethics Courses

The Center for Leadership Ethics is aimed at improving ethical understanding and behavior through traditional courses. A suite of courses is offered to undergraduate and graduate students.

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Course Name Units Description
BNAD 509A Business Law, Governance, and Corporate Ethics

This course combines topics such as organizational leadership, corporate legal environment, stakeholder relationships, strategic planning, corporate performance, and organizational success to explore the interplay of law, stakeholder interests, corporate ethics, financial performance, and social return on investment.

MGMT 202 Ethical Issues in Business

This course focuses on exploring morality, ethics, and decision-making by looking at contemporary practices in business. Students discover theoretical and practical ways to approach moral and ethical dilemmas in organizational life and improve their skills in moral reasoning and ethical decision-making.

MGMT 402 Integrating Business Fundamentals with Ethics and Law in Management

An interdisciplinary analysis of how fundamentals of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, management, and information technology each raise ethical and legal considerations in the business environment.

MGMT 488 Social Entrepreneurship

Focusing student business and entrepreneurial skills on social and/or environmental problem-solving.

MGMT 501 Leadership and Social Responsibility

One goal of this course is to focus on the skills students need to effectively lead and manage work teams. Another goal is to explore the topic of leadership in a corporation that is socially responsible. We will take a decidedly experiential and applied approach to examining this topic.

MGMT 520 Legal and Ethical Values in Business

This course explores how law and stakeholder interests impact corporate social responsibility, giving participants a solid understanding of the role of ethics in management and experience managing tradeoffs in ethical decision-making.

MGMT 522 Ethics, Business Law, and Regulation

This course explores how ethics, law, and the regulatory environment impact corporate activities, giving participants a solid understanding of the role of each of these in organizational decision-making.