Cramer Faculty Scholarship Award Nomination

The Center for Leadership Ethics is looking for your help to nominate an Eller faculty member to be considered for the Cramer faculty Scholarship.

The Scholarship is underwritten by Mr. Neville Cramer, a supporter of the Eller College of Management and a proponent of ethics and integrity on personal and professional levels.


  • Eller faculty member (lower or upper-division)
  • Demonstrates personal and professional ethics
  • Encourages students to adhere to personal and professional ethics 
  • Widely held as an ethical role model 
  • Utilizes innovative methods to promote academic integrity and ethical decision-making
  • External commitment to promote ethics (e.g., community involvement and/or corporate consulting etc.)

The deadline to submit a nomination is Thursday, March 14, 2018

Nominator Information 

Nominee Information

Reason for Nomination